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Fire Pits

Enjoy long summer evening around our new fire pits, roasting marsh mellows or just enjoying the crackle of the wood burning.

Fire Pits and BBQ's


Hiring a Fire Pit. This is for the duration of your stay. 
  • We offer 3 Options of Fire Pit hire.

  • Option 1 Includes the Firepit, a 3 kg bag of Dorset charcoal, Kindling wood, 1 net of logs, Eco Fire-lighters, and a Webber grill top to cook on. £35.00. 

  • Option 2 Includes the Firepit, Kindling wood, Fire-lighters, a net of logs £25.00

  • Option 3 You can bring your own, but strictly no Fire baskets, washing machine drums, only purpose-built solid bottomed pits and raised off of the ground. £6.00 fee to cover insurance and fire equipment.

  • Only seasoned wood may be burnt; no pallet wood, or offcuts of carpentry. Logs available to purchase in reception or the Honesty Shop when reception is shut.

  • All of the above are subject to our strict rules on the use of the fire pits


Terms Of Hire and Safety
  • When using any outdoor fireplace make sure safety is your No 1 priority. Please familiarise yourself with the Fire Extinguishers on site.

  • Never leave a fire unattended and know how to use your fire safety equipment. Make sure your fire is out before going to bed at night even if it means filling a smoldering fire pit with water.

  • Don't sacrifice safety remember you are dealing with fire. Whenever a fire is lit there is the potential to cause damage to you, friends, family, your tent, caravan, etc.

  • When starting any controlled fire, safety is the number one concern.

  • Do not tip ash around the campsite, this is a huge fire risk hazard, always use the metal containers provided.

  • Please always follow the safety instruction sheet supplied with your fire pit, only burn the seasoned wood provided.

  • Fire Hazard:-although very tempting, please do not try and create the biggest height of flames, our Fire pits are a safe size for our camp-site, so piling up logs too high creates a hazard as they may topple.

  • Strictly no going into the woods for firewood. We are under a woodland Management scheme. Thank You
    Please read the above and accept our Terms before Hiring a Fire -Pit


  • Our terms of BBQ use are covered in the fire pit hire, but please follow these simple rules for any other BBQ's

  • Disposal BBQ,s please do not use directly on our grass, bricks are available for your use.

  • Strictly no BBQ,s inside of tents, Carbon Monoxide kills.

  • Ash's only to be emptied in the metal bins provided.

  • BBQ use at least 3 meters away from tents, units.

  • Lastly please make sure they are fully extinguished before retiring to bed.


How does this work?
  • This hire is for the duration of your stay, additional nets of wood logs, charcoal, fire-lighters, etc. can be purchased from reception.

  • Once booked we will deliver the fire-pit to your pitch, and set it up on the level ground and raised bricks, to ensure the heat does not conduct down to the grass. This must be at least 3 meters from your tent or caravan.

  • Always start your fire with the kindling wood, if you are cooking first, add your charcoal, the Dorset Charcoal ignites quickly, so no need for fire-lighters, this is ready to cook on in 15 minutes, this charcoal burns cleanly, and has a greater volume per Kg.

  • After you have enjoyed your BBQ, remove the grill top using tongs, (sorry not provided) allow to cool, then start to add the logs in a tripod fashion, this allows the air to circulate building up the heat in the center, then sit back, enjoy and relax by your Fire-pit, toast your Marshmallows, or make campfire biscuits !!


See our Terms and Conditions here

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