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Terms & Conditions

It will not be business as usual here at Longthorns Please make sure you have read the Terms & Conditions, especially the highlighted in Red to relate to COVID 19 regulations.   

"By Booking will us you are accepting our Terms & conditions. For us to open our facilities block we have had to undertake an extensive Risk assessment, as you are aware many campsites are not opening their facilities as they do not feel they can comply, or afford the extra cleaning.

We are owner run so have called on our Longthorns team, family, and friends to be able to open, but we need you to help as well to stay social distanced, respect the facilities and help keep them clean, you may have to queue but please be patient, and enjoy your time at Longthorns." 

Respect your neighbours and social distance is the key rule to make everyone's holiday enjoyable. Please do not visit us if you are displaying any 

Arrivals & Departures Deposit

  • On arrival, the reception will be closed and a self-check-in system will be operating, all payments will have been made before arrival, arriving at Longthorns you will be asked to call a dedicated number provided in your pre-arrival email
  • Please remain in your car  Give your name, booking number, and car registration number and a staff member will come out, whilst observing social distancing they will show you to your pitch. This year all pitches will be marked out, not the usual informal camping we offer. Please be patient. 
  • Electrical Hook up pitches are available after 2 pm unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Camping pitches are available from 12 pm onwards unless other arrangements have been made.
  • TipeeCo's and Shepherds Huts are available from 2 pm onwards. COVID -19 Change check-in after 4 pm
  • Departures by 12 pm, unless other arrangements have been made.COVID -19 Checkout by 10 am 
  • Please be aware Bank Holidays are a 3-night minimum stay. Sorry we do not take bookings for a 1-night stay at weekends between June and August
  • Late arrivals strictly no setting up of tents after 9.30

Electrical Safety Terms

  • Please do not under any circumstances bring domestic household equipment, we are a rural site and have limited Amps.
  • Longthorns Farm is responsible for the safety of the electrical system up to the socket on the hook-up point at the pitch.  It is the responsibility of the Camper to ensure that the plug, cable and associated sockets used to connect between the hook-up point to the Camper's unit are safe.
  • Longthorns Farm will not accept responsibility for any accident or loss arising from the use of unsuitable or unsafe electrical equipment connected to Longthorns Farm hook-up point.
  • Do not let children play around the electric hook-up points or cables.
  • The use of DOMESTIC items is strictly forbidden, camping electrical items only.
  • The maximum power loading is 10amp which allows 3.680 wattages on pitch electrical outlets.
  • This is sufficient for lighting, TV, fridge, microwave oven, shaver, but NOT standard domestic kettle or hairdryer.
  • DO NOT USE household kettles which use 2000 watts, a camping one uses 750 watts.
  • Please DO NOT use household heaters or any household equipment whilst camping.
  • We have compiled our own guide to help you keep within camping electrical good practice.
  • Click here to go to the advice sheet.
  • Lastly, we have noticed an increase in campers turning up with a household 3 pin plug and expect to plug into our electric supply.
  • Please, if you are new to camping familiarise yourself with camping equipment and the use of electricity.
  • Strictly NO generators on-site at any time 

Bookings & Deposits

  • COVID at present we are still not taking deposits, so you may book with no deposit in 2020, the balance must be paid in full 5 days prior to arrival.    
  • Payments are strictly non-refundable and in the event of an early departure, refunds are not given unless, in extreme circumstances, no refunds will be given due to bad weather.
  • All bookings once confirmed are non-refundable, we advise holiday insurance is taken out.
  • You can request certain pitches, but we cannot guarantee that we can allocate you to the pitch requested.
  • We cannot guarantee group bookings for Electric Hookups (EHU) pitches will be adjacent to each other, particularly for short/weekend stays. 
  • Sorry we no longer take bookings for  EHU and non-EHU together due to logistics
  • Group Bookings: We are not accepting group bookings at present 
  • COVID 19 only allows 2 households to book together. 
  • Strictly no day visitors allowed.
  • Commercial and modified vehicles accepted at the owner's discretion. Please enquire before booking,
  • Sorry, NO vehicles over 28 ft.
  • Adding friends to a booking. If they are staying in your tent, caravan, etc. They must be booked prior to arrival.
  • Privacy Policy. We respect your privacy and no data is shared with any third party, we do not store any card transaction details.
  • COVID-19 If no deposit has been taken or we have transferred your booking, 7 days before arrival you will be asked to pay in full prior to arrival, via the payment gateway, we are not accepting payments on-site.  

Fire Pits & BBQ's

  • Barbecues may be used providing they are raised above ground level and must be placed at least 4 meters from any tent or unit.
  • Fire pits are available to hire, subject to our terms of hire, you may bring your own pit, but you must adhere to our terms of use. A small charge is payable and we no longer allow outside wood to be brought in, the wood must be purchased from Longthorns Farm.
  • No Fire Baskets.
  • Fire Pits and BBQ's are strictly 4 meters away from units and vehicles.
  • Please check with the site owners in adverse weather conditions.
  • Anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave Longthorns Farm.
  • Strictly no gathering of wood from the surrounding woods for firewood.
  • Please see the terms of hire for Firepits.

Quiet Time & Music

  • It's important to us that all our guests enjoy a peaceful, relaxing stay with us.
  • Longthorns Farm is in a quiet, remote location in the countryside and guests choose to stay with us because they are seeking to relax and unwind.
  • Music can be played at low volume, no bass music,  boom box's, or open car doors, that will disturb your neighbours.
  • Longthorns Farm reserves the right to ask for any inappropriate or loud music to be turned off.  If this is not adhered to, we may change our policy and not permit electronic music, so please respect this decision.
  • Our quiet time to start settling down to retire to bed is between 10 pm and 11 pm, music must be switched off by 10 pm, after this time strictly no music.  
  • Please be considerate to your neighbors, noise carries at night, there may well be young children sleeping so we ask that you are aware of how much noise your party is making around the campfires, please also be mindful of any swearing, bad language, etc. Please adhere to this, although we are a relaxed site, this is one issue we monitor very carefully.
  • Please be discreet when using torches at night.
  • Please do not allow children to run around until after 9 am, your neighbours may not wish to be woken too early!
  • All the above ensures that we can maintain the reputation of a friendly and safe site, if you're looking to karaoke around the campfire at 2 am then sorry Longthorns Farm isn't the right campsite for you. 

Recycling and Waste Policy

  • Please make full use of the Recycling facilities. They are all clearly marked. 
  • Recycle bins in this you can put plastic bottles, clean food containers, tins, paper, cardboard, . There is a separate facility for glass.
  • We have a contract with Veolia, who has a policy of zero landfills.
  • General Mixed Waste. Please place in the bins provided. Please ensure it is all bagged in a carrier or refuse sack, especially nappies, etc. Thank you.
  • Please take home punctured air beds, broken chairs, broken tents, any camping equipment that you brought with you. Thank you for helping Longthorns.
  • There are Ash bins provided around the site, please don't tip any ash under the hedgerows, this can be a fire hazard if they are not cool, and makes the site untidy. 
  • Wet wipes please bag & bin, do not put down the chemical disposal points.

Speed & Safety

  • 5mph Vehicle speed limit to be kept at all times.
  • Please observe all Working Farm and Health & Safety signs displayed.
  • Longthorns Farm will not accept any liability in respect of any person or the property of any person using the site.
  • Please shut gates behind you, if you find them closed, please close after driving through this may be shut for a livestock reason
  • Parental or guardians' responsibility and supervision of children is paramount at all times.
  • COVID -19 changes. all children must be in the vicinity of their parents/ guardians at all times, no children under 12 may visit the toilets and showers unattended. we cannot be responsible for hand washing and social distancing.  
  • We are asking everyone to make a special effort to keep the toilets and showers clean, so please do not leave toilet paper on the floor, empty shampoo, body wash bottles on the showers.
  • Extra cleaning will be implemented with the facilities block being closed daily from 11 am - 12 and 4 pm to 5 pm for an hour for a COVID deep clean. We will have 2 toilets open whilst this is in operation. Please be respectful to our Team if they are cleaning and can not allow you in the facilities
  • Please do not allow your children to go in any of the animal pens 
  • Water:- Cars, Caravans, etc.. must NOT be washed on site. Please no paddling pools to be used on site. Please supervise children regarding the use of water.
  • Although we do not lock the front gate, we do ask that anyone arriving back after 11 pm leave their car, outside the main entrance on the grass car park area.
  • Strictly no Taxi's on-site after 10 pm
  • Please use the front entrance to be dropped off and please do not allow your taxi to beam their headlights straight into the campsite after dark and disturb your fellow campers, please be quiet walking through the camp-site. Strictly no drop off's after 11.00.

Dogs & Children

  • Whilst we love both, we have to make sure of the welfare of all.
  • Dogs. Strictly do not leave your dog in a tent or caravan unattended, or in a Glamping unit, when you are not on-site (in hot weather this is a welfare issue and we are liable as you are camping  on our property)
  • Do not allow your dog to bark continually, this causes a  disturbance to others.
  • Monkey World does not allow dogs in the park, so please make arrangements for your dog if you are wishing to visit Monkey World.  We have a list of Doggie sitters.
  • Please clean up after your dog and place bags in the bins provided. This is a working farm with livestock present.
  • Please ensure that dogs are on a lead at all times. (No exceptions).
  • We reserve the right to require the owner of any dog or pet considered a nuisance, or to be affecting the comfort of guests, to remove it from the farm.
  • Children. We love children to be children,  This year we are asking for children to be kept in the family bubble and play by your pitch. Sorry, no pushbikes this year on-site.
  • Under no circumstances are any children or adults to enter the animal paddocks.
  • Please do not let your children go to the showers or toilets unattended.

General Site Conditions due to Location.

  • Kite Flying we are sorry but no Kite flying. We are next to a Gliding Club and this prohibits all flying of Kites within 2km of the airfield.
  • No Drones of any description to be flown on site
  • Strictly no Chinese Lanterns.
  • Please be aware we are a working farm and there is stock fencing including the barbed wire on site.
  • We are next to an SSSI (signs are posted next to our woodland walk)  which is a prohibited area.
  • Definition of A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is one of the country's very best wildlife and/or geological sites. SSSI's include some of the most spectacular and beautiful habitats: wetlands teeming with wading birds, winding chalk rivers, flower-rich meadows, windswept shingle beaches, and remote upland peat bogs.
  • We feel we must make you aware that our location is near a Military base, so tank training can be taking place on the main road, whilst most campers embrace this, some campers have commented on them, this is out of our control.

Glamping- Cleaning-Breakages-Damage

  • We will only charge for replacements in exceptional circumstances, as we expect a degree of wear and tear.
  • If the damage is directly attributable to the guest, then we reserve the right to request payment of up to £300.
  • All cleaning, under normal circumstances, is included as part of your stay.
  • If additional cleaning is required, including washing up, additional cleaning of the interior or fixtures and fittings then Longthorns Farm reserves the right to charge for this work at a rate of £15 per hour.
  • Longthorns Farm reserves the right to deduct this payment from your security deposit or invoice guests following their stay.
  • Wildlife. You are staying in nature's surroundings, so we may get the odd insect visitor from the time that is not always welcome, but sorry we cannot give refunds if their presence offends.
  • Groups stay. This has become an increasing problem with units being left all mixed up, or all dumped in one unit. Please ensure you leave your own unit complete as you found. We really appreciate this being done.
  • COVID 19 We are removing all soft furnishings. trinkets and bunting, many guests have asked if they can bring their own linen and pillows. This is very welcome by Longthorns, we can still supply linen/pillows on request ready in a linen pack for you to make up. 

COVID Symptoms for travel 

You must not travel to us if you are in an area, that has had a reported local lockdown. We will monitor addresses. 

You must not travel to us if you are feeling unwell, or showing any signs of COVID 19 in the days before your travel date. We are happy to reschedule your booking and transfer any money paid to a future booking.  

If you or any member of your family are taken ill during your stay at Longthorns, call 111 please do not approach any of our staff members, You will. not be able to stay on-site to self isolate you will need to go home. Please email us to inform us of your condition  on enquiries@longthornsfarm.co.uk

Emergency Numbers

Call 111

Public Health Dorset 01305-221000



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