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Solve environmental science questions in courses 1440 AH

The main headings of the article:

the general idea

main idea

introductory activities

Teaching and learning activities

Ask the students what the picture shown

in the first chapter

Ask the students to read the general idea

Ask them to read the main idea

Conducting the introductory experiment

Main titles:

Connecting to life


levels of organization

interrelationships in

Interrelationships in a dynamic community

Teaching and learning activities:

Ask the students what the lesson has to do with the reality of life

Ask some to write a paragraph showing how the lesson relates to their lives, encourage creative ideas and drawings, and read what was written in front of the class

I take with the students from the explanation a statement

Ask the students to read the biosphere paragraph

توزيع القرآن الكريم رابع ابتدائي

Through the explanation and clarification, I show the students the levels of organization

I show the students the mutual relations in

Refer to the book, read the section on interrelationships in a dynamic society

Learning resources:

Student's book

colored papers

Colored pens

PowerPoint presentations

Student's book

Parameter Manual

Shapes, pictures and graphics


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