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Longthorns Farm, our Journey

Longthorns Farm is situated in the picturesque heart of Dorset along the Jurassic coast, next to Monkey World, we are 2 minutes drive to the Famous Tank Museum, you may even hear the rumble of tanks passing on training days or woken by the singing of the gibbons, the whistle of a glider landing next door. Purbeck shooting school is an approx a mile from us, offering a great day out Clay shooting.   

We are a working farm and campsite, 47 acres of woodlands, and fields with a woodland walk. Producing hay and haylage off the fields, the mixture of meadow grasses and permanent pasture which gives excellent quality hay results. 

For at least 200 years Longthorns has been a farm, and at one time had 4 properties including a market gardener and a florist.

Artefact's found on the farm can be seen around Longthorns, previously a dairy farm.

Our champion breeding Alpacas initially bought to guard the chickens against foxes, have done us proud at local and National shows. We keep a herd of around twenty Alpacas and they have brought much pleasure to our visitors, who can learn about them, pet and walk them, at Longthorns whilst camping. We also have The Alpaca Experience, walking Alpacas for the general public.

There has been camping at Longthorns since 1978, we have been here 10 years and have heard many stories of campers happy memories they have had staying at Longthorns farm and long lazy summers spent in the Bunny field.

The farm has changed a lot over the 10 years we have been here, many of you have been on the toilet and shower journey with us, when we arrived there were no facilities. We managed to equip a portable cabin with 2 toilets and one shower, the next phase was again portable, 6 toilets and 4 showers the third stage was to hire in 10 toilets. Longthorns was growing and finally, our goal of a new facilities building was built, this was the icing on the cake for us, to reach the standard we had always set out to achieve.

Our aim is to provide quality camping, whilst respecting nature, farm sustainability, recycle and reuse wherever possible and for as many people to enjoy Longthorns Farm as much as we do.

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