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Reception and Shop

Reception Opening Hours-
Easter 8am-7pm
Bank Holidays 8am-7pm
Summer Holidays 8am-8pm

Please call 01929 401539 if you need us or a late check-in. 

We have a welcoming reception which is open on demand.
Reception and the shop are only open on Bank Holidays and the  Summer Season, out of season a notice is posted on the reception door and a duty phone number should you need to contact us. 

Meat, Bread, Fresh Milk

We have a well-stocked shop with all the essentials that you might need. Locally sourced meats, chutneys, bread, fresh milk and lots more. toiletries, games, sweets, cold drinks, ice cream, fresh croissants, and more.

We also stock camp-fire essentials, logs, charcoal and kindling and the all-time favourite, marshmallows, for those camp-fire moments.

Coffee Machine

Takeaway freshly ground coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

Alpacas Products

We also stock alpaca products, made from our very own alpaca wool famous for being warm and hypo-allergenic.

Other Facilities

Recycle Bins
  • Please make full use of the Recycling facilities, we recycle plastic bottles, clean food containers, tins, paper, cardboard, and glass. We have just signed a contract with Veolia, which has a policy of zero landfills.  
    Please place general mixed waste in the bins provided.  Please ensure it is all bagged in a carrier or refuse sack, especially nappies, etc.
    Please ensure that your site is left clean, tidy, and free of all rubbish.  Please take home, do not leave punctured air beds, broken chairs, broken tents, or any other camping equipment behind for us to dispose of. 

  • There are Ash bins provided around the site, please don't tip any ash under the hedgerows, this can be a fire hazard if they are not cool, and makes the site untidy. 

Wash Hand Basins
Showers and Toilets
Washing Up Basins

  • It will be strictly no unattended children at any time under 12, we cannot be responsible for their handwashing and following social distancing. Your children are your responsibility, we reserve the right to ask any families that do not monitor their children to leave.

  • Please be respectful to our Team if they are cleaning and can not allow you in the facilities.

  • 5 Ladies Showers, 5 Ladies toilets, 4 Wash hand basins, Hand Driers, Hair Dyer.

  • 5 Men's Showers, 3 Toilets, 3 Wash hand basins

  • I Urinal, Hand Dryers and Hair-dyer.

  • Accessibility room: 1 toilet, 1 wash hand basin, 1 Hand dryer, 1 hair dryer, 1 shower unit.

  • Chemical Disposal Point:
    There are chemical disposal points on the site. Located in the Main field and the Alpaca Field.

  • Environmentally Friendly compost loo's:
    These save 8 litres of water every time you use them.
    The golden rule to ensure these toilets work is to keep the toilet lid closed and use as instructed to make sure the separator can do it job, which is too keep liquids and solids separate, so boys no standing when using these toilets, we have put a urinal in one of the boy's cubicles should you not feel comfortable sitting.

  • Water point for Motorhomes fill up.

  • Supervision of young children at all times, please.


NEW FOR 2023---


Enclosed dog space for dog of the lead exercise

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