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Longthorns Farm Alpaca Safety

Thank you booking a Mini Alpaca Experience at Longthorns Farm, this safety sheet will offer you tips and guidance how to make the most out of your walk and enjoy all the alpacas have to offer.


Please read and sign at the bottom to confirm you have read and understood our Terms.

Safety Facts

The Mini experience takes place in Longthorns Orchard  field that the alpacas are familiar with, supervised by a suitably trained and experienced alpaca handler. 

As with any animal the unexpected can happen, this guidance sheet should prepare you for all eventualities.

The Experience is suitable for all ages and abilities. Max of 8 alpacas in the field, so you may be sharing your mini experience with other people.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 18 years +).
*A risk assessment has been undertaken for the alpaca experience and is available upon request.

You will be given a safety talk before the experience takes place to demonstrate the following. The Golden Rules

1.         Never stand behind an alpaca, as with all animals they can kick. so always stay by the shoulder.

2.         Please be very calm around the alpacas, no shouting, jumping or sudden movements.

3.         When stroking them always do this on the neck in a positive manner, please avoid their heads, ears and eyes.

4.         They don’t usually spit at humans, but occasionally they will spit at each other.

5.         Strictly no dogs are allowed on the Alpaca Experience.

6.     The adult’s responsibility is making sure their child behaves in a safe and appropriate manner. Longthorns has the right to terminate your alpaca experience if the safety of the alpacas and other people are at risk. You will be asked to leave and will not be given a refund.    


About Alpacas
Alpacas are gentle inquisitive creatures, very aware of their surroundings, they are herd animals so are always in a group.
If an alpaca spooks at something generally it is a small side skip, very quickly dealt with and then they will carry on in their relaxed way.

About what to wear

The foot wear is crucial, all footwear must be enclosed.

We do have the right to refuse the experience if appropriate footwear is not worn. 

The walks take place in a field, please bear this in mind as shoes can get dirty and we will not be held responsible for this .

Mobile’s & Photo’s 

Please have your phone on silent for the experience, so you can enjoy the time with the alpacas and not be distracted. You are welcome to take as many photos as you like, alpaca selfies are a must. Longthorns are happy to take group photos for you. Please feel free to share on Longthorns Facebook page and Instagram. During the walk we take photos that will be published to our social media profiles and website.

Please let us know if you do not want your photo taken.

Health & Safety

Please follow all the guidance above. We have toilets and hot hand washing facilities on site. Once you have finished handling the alpacas, please wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap, especially before eating or drinking.

Cancellation Policy

The Alpaca Experience is weather dependent, Longthorns has the right to cancel if the weather forecast is unsuitable,. In these situations, we will call & email to cancel the experience, the money that you paid will be refunded. We cannot offer other dates for this experience, as it’s a limited edition.

Please feel free to contact us for an update, should the weather look inclement.

Office: 01929 401539
Mobile: 07790 663654

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Alpaca Safety

Please read the above and sign at the bottom to confirm you have read and understood our Terms.

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